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    Complete Our Survey and Earn £10 – Kiss Wow Lip Love Campaign

    We have launched a positivity campaign named the Kiss Wow Club Lip Love campaign in synch with the release of our quarterly lipstick subscription service.

    Our initiative invites you to join the Kiss Wow Club community and encourage self-pampering via the application of lipstick and by sharing a positive affirmation about why you love applying lipstick and how lipstick positively brightens your day. You can also share what you may have missed about wearing your usual application of lipstick over the past year or would miss about lipstick without a pop of lipstick colour.

    We have launched the campaign to encourage positivity about lipstick and to confirm that lipstick is universal and is worn for any number of reasons.   In celebration of the launch of the Lip Love Lipstick Collection, we will be running the #KissWowLipLove campaign until the end of December 2022.

    To take part complete the following form.  Once you’ve signed up you’ll also get 200 Instant Free Kiss Wow Reward points worth £10.00 which can be used to pay for products in the Kiss Wow Club store.

    After completion the access page will show with your reward code.

    Thanks for taking part and Happy Shopping!



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