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    Key Lash Wow Subscription Dates

    Our Lashes launch in Feb/Mar 2023.  After our lash launch in February 2023 we will ship out the lashes to customers from the 25th of each month for montly subscriptions and every two months from the 25th for bi-monthly subscriptions.

    Kiss Wow Club Lash Subscription boxes are available on a monthly basis (every month) or bi-monthly basis (every 2 months).  You can start your lash subscription for that season’s box at any time.

    We operate on a rolling subscription basis which means when you start your lash subscription you will receive the current lash box  and will be charged as soon as you sign up. Your subscription will then recur either every month on the monthly lash subscription plan or every 2 months for the bi-monthly subscription.

    Launch of Our Lash Collection & Shipping of Lash Collections

    We will start shipping out the lash boxes from the 25th of February 2023.

    We use Royal Mail 48+ hour delivery service.

    Kiss Wow Club Key Subscription Dates


    Sign up for the monthly lash club by the first of that month.

    Sign-up for Bi-Monthly Lash Club (Every 2 months)

    Bi-Monthly Despatch Schedule

    Bi-monthly lash collections are sent out from the 25th of the following:

    Apri 25th

    June 25th

    Aug 25th

    Oct 25th

    Dec 25th

    Feb 25th

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