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    The Kiss Wow Club Launches #KissWowLipLove Campaign


    The Kiss Wow Club Launches Positivity Campaign to get consumers to share what they Have Missed or Love About Wearing Lipstick

    London-based beauty solutions provider, The Kiss Wow Club, has launched a positivity campaign named the Kiss Wow Club Lip Love. campaign in synch with the release of the The Lip Love Collection.

    The initiative invites consumers to join the Kiss Wow Club community and encourage self-pampering via the application of lipstick and by sharing a positive affirmation about why they love applying lipstick and how lipstick positively brightens their day. They can also share what they may have missed about wearing their usual application of lipstick over the past year or would miss about lipstick without a pop of lipstick colour.

    The London-based company has launched the campaign to encourage positivity about lipstick and to confirm that lipstick never really went away and is still an important part of enhancement preparation. In celebration of the launch of the Lip Love Lipstick Collection, the Kiss Wow Club will run the #KissWowLipLove campaign from April 2021 until the end of the year.

    A spokesperson stated “we know that in the last year people have reduced the use of lipstick thinking that the visual benefit is hidden when worn behind a mask therefore there is no payoff. However, our research shows that lipstick is still being worn – even under masks – the payoff is invisible. This leads us to believe that there is a self-realised positive benefit to wearing lipstick, even if others cannot see the shade sported, wearing lipstick can positively improve mood, self-esteem and is seen as being a ritual for self. Even if others may not be able to see the results of the lipstick application, the importance of lipstick is that it is worn for the users benefit and increases self confidence and makes the wearer feel powerful.

    With restrictions now being eased, Kiss Wow Club’s lipstick subscription plan is best in place to ease consumers back into purchasing lipstick on a regular basis. The quarterly subscription is available on a flexible basis with customers being able to pause their subscription. The subscription is also available as a 6-month or yearly subscription or on a one-off non subscription basis. Each quarter Kiss Wow Club will release three new lipsticks presented in a signature bespoke designed gift box.

    The Kiss Wow Club Lip Love Lipstick Collection comes in three strong, vibrant, and vivid shades: Berry Noir, Gingersnap Latte, and Cranberry Crush. Kiss Wow Club lipsticks are plant-based, vegan, paraben, and cruelty-free.

    Kiss Wow Lipsticks are vegan, kiss-proof, waterproof, mask-proof, smear-proof, and budge-proof are will be available in over 70 shades formulated with high-quality ingredients for durability. The lipsticks come in different textures and shades, including matte, gloss, satin, and metallic.

    For more information on the #KissWowLipLove campaign and other products from the Kiss Wow Club, please visit – www.www.kisswow.club.

    Consumers can tag @kisswowclub or go to www.www.kisswow.club/lip-love-campaign to complete our form. All submissions will be collated and shared on our website and receive 200 free Kiss Wow Club Reward Points to spend in store or go towards a beauty product.

    Kiss Wow Club will publish the results on site and via their social media accounts.

    About Kiss Wow Club
    Kiss Wow Club is a London-based beauty subscription service start-up. Introducting Kiss Wow Club’s lipsticks and their staunch on lip positivity is aimed to spread positivity by promoting its #KissWowLipLove campaign.

    The Kiss Wow Club subscription features three lipsticks and is available on a quarterly subscription at £18.00 every 3 months or £21.00 on a one-off non-subscription basis for 3 lipsticks. The lipstick subscription package is presented in a signature bespoke designed gift box revealed every quarter

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