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    Kiss Wow Club Lipstick Trends 2023

    Makeup trends have shifted drastically over the years. However, plumped and colorful lips can never go wrong regardless of what decade you live in. We are sure that basic matte lips are going to take a back seat in the coming year. From beauty influencers and magazine models to celebrities and fashion icons, they all have been setting new trends. 

    Safe to say, creative and extra-gleaming lips are soon going to steal the show. Following are some lip-gloss trends that you will see paving their path in 2023. 


    It’s all about the No-Makeup look, but with the makeup on! Clear lip glosses have been the favorite of every 90’s kid. But have you heard of clear-lipstick before? No, right? Welcome to the future of makeup. In the age where no-makeup makeup has become a huge thing, clear lipstick is all that you need for a set of glossy lips. A good clear lipstick looks minimal yet plumps up your lips and give them a youthful shine. 

    Moreover, your natural lip color will also be enhanced. Since lip gloss nourishes and hydrates your lips, you can give lip balm a miss. So not only your lips will look good, they will feel equally good. 

    Galactic Lipsticks 

    Galactic glosses were everyone’s ultimate favorite back in the 00’s. No one was a fan of mattes, and everyone went gaga over shiny and shimmery lips that gave everyone a vision of the galaxy. It is being predicted that galactic glosses are all set to make a comeback in the coming year but in the form of lipstick this time. 

    However, the worrisome part of sticky lips would be eliminated. Many cosmetics brands are trying out different formulas to eliminate the sticky factor of galactic glosses and turn them into lipsticks. Now, all that you will get is super gleaming and sparkling lips. You can choose from your favorite cotton-candy colors and make your presence more fabulous. 

    The Grape-y Purple Look

    Bold lips can be overwhelming to wear in the everyday routine. For this reason, many women prefer to wear sheer pink or purple lipsticks. And trust us, this color gives your lips a natural and fresh color that can never go wrong. This color is not limited to lipsticks only; you can also find different products, including lip tints and lip balms with your favorite purple shade. 

    The Extra Glittery Look 

    Another great look that will soon do rounds on the internet. Take your lipstick and your favorite glitter into it, and you are all set to rock the party. This sparkling look is perfect for people who like making their presence noticed. 

    You do not have to wait to try out these looks! So get to your vanity and steal the show today and be a trendsetter. 

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