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    The Kiss Wow Club Launches New Lipstick Subscription with The Lip Love Collection

    Kiss Wow Club Launches New Lipstick Subscription with The Lip Love Collection 

    6th April 2021

    London-based beauty solutions provider, The Kiss Wow Club, announces the launch of their lipstick subscription and the #KissWowLipLove campaign for the recently released Lip Love Collection.

    The Kiss Wow Club looks set to disrupt the beauty and makeup industry with the recent launch of their lipstick subscription service. In a related development, the London-based company has created the #KissWowLipLove campaign as part of the launch of their Lip Love Collection, allowing people to share what they miss about wearing lipstick or what they love about lipstick.

    The Kiss Wow Club is betting on bucking the temporary lipstick downturn caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. The brand is optimistic about an upswing in the lipstick market and has launched its new quarterly lipstick subscription service to reiterate its position. In a similar vein, the brand looks to bring more consumers into the Kiss Wow Club community, encouraging self-pampering through the application of lipstick, with the launch of the Lip Love social media campaign.

    Kiss Wow Club lipsticks are plant-based, vegan, paraben, and cruelty-free.

    The #KissWowLipLove Collection is the debut collection from the Kiss Wow Club, featuring three lipsticks to subscribe to at £18.00 every 3 months or £21.00 on a one-off non-subscription basis. The lipstick subscription package is presented in a signature bespoke designed gift box revealed every quarter.

    The quarterly subscription model aims to ease consumers back into purchasing lipstick, especially if they have not been buying lipstick regularly. The Lip Love Collection comes in three strong, vibrant, and vivid shades: Berry Noir, Gingersnap Latte, and Cranberry Crush.

    In celebration of the launch of the collection, the Kiss Wow Club will run a #KissWowLipLove campaign from April 2021 onwards. The social media initiative aims to invite consumers to join the Kiss Wow Club community by starting their day with a positive #kisswowliplove affirmation about why they love applying lipstick and how lipstick positively brightens their day. They also get to share what they miss or would miss without a pop of lipstick colour.

    The kiss-proof, water-proof, smear-proof, and budge-proof Kiss Wow Club lipsticks will be available in over 70 shades formulated with high-quality ingredients for durability. The products come in different textures and shades, including matte, gloss, satin, and metallic.

    For more information on the Lip Love Collection, the social media campaign, and other products from the Kiss Wow Club, please visit – www.www.kisswow.club.

    About Kiss Wow Club

    Kiss Wow Club is a new London-based beauty subscription service startup. The company launched its first quarterly based lipstick subscription package in April and aims to continue delivering more innovative beauty solutions in years to come.

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